HIFU Sevenoaks Cellulite Treatment

For outcomes that are more natural-looking, ultrasound penetrates deeper than any other non-invasive procedure to increase your body’s own collagen.


Treatment for lifting and tightening the entire body.

The only therapy of its kind to receive FDA approval



What Is HIFU Sevenoaks

What is the process of HIFU cellulite treatment?

High-intensity concentrated ultrasound is utilized in HIFU body skin tightening up to non-invasively advertise fat loss, muscle mass toning, and skin tightening up.

This non-surgical treatment can remove fat cells, lessen cellulite’s look, tighten up as well as firm the skin, as well as improve flexibility in the locations being treated.

You could get the outcomes you desire with simply one therapy, and they’ll maintain improving as well as much better in the weeks that follow.


It can be unpleasant to have stubborn pockets of fat, yet HIFU body skin firm can securely as well as efficiently treat many target areas.

The internal and also external arms, hips, butts, abdomen, and thighs are a few of these.

In no way.

This treatment is painless, non-invasive, as well as doesn’t require anaesthesia.

After your treatment, you can go back to function as soon as possible and also will not require any extra aftercare because your full healing will happen right now.

Even though your results will certainly remain to enhance, you can virtually see them today after therapy.

Your entire results will certainly materialize over the taking place weeks, with your optimal results happening about 3 months after therapy.

Although it differs depending upon the client, you can generally rely on your outcomes to last for concerning 2 years!

The outcomes of this treatment improve with time given that it is so effective.

HIFU benefits

HIFU Sevenoaks before and after

“Cellulite across my buttocks was really effecting me - I had tried so much at home treatments to remove it but they had no effect. After just 2 sessions of HIFU I am amazed at my results 6 weeks later!

Beth - Birmingham

Cellulite Results

“After I lost weight I had noticed that the cellulite on my thighs was even more noticeable. A friend recommended HIFU from Cellulite Treatment 123 and wow - the results are amazing and it has only been 4 weeks”

Rachel - Norfolk

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